Benefits of Custom Injection Molding for POP Displays

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Business owners always search for better ways to market their products to consumers. As part of any successful marketing strategy, visual merchandising attracts shoppers to specific items and deals. It takes advantage of the retail space, highlights your products or services, and could convince consumers to purchase.

Point-of-purchase displays are key features of visual merchandising. They typically stand near products, alerting customers to the products themselves or showcasing special deals for those considering purchasing them. With advanced technology, savvy retailers can utilize custom injection molding to create these POP displays.

As a business owner, you may wonder how injection molding can make a difference. Below, Drive Display shares the many benefits of custom injection molded POP displays to illustrate why they have become retailers’ favorites.

What Are Custom Injection Molded POP Displays?

Mold injection involves high-quality plastic injected at high pressure into either a standard mold or a customized one. During the process, a custom retail display manufacturer will fill the cavity with molten plastic that takes seconds to dry for thin sections and up to 30 minutes for thicker plastic sections. Once it solidifies, the manufacturer ejects it from the mold and delivers it to the retailer.

If you require a custom POP display, injection molding may be the solution. Manufacturers can make molds of various shapes and sizes and use plastic with different colors and designs. It’s also simple to request custom POP displays unique to a store or brand, which is why they are so popular.

Why Injection Molded POP Displays Are a Game Changer

Injection-molded plastic has revolutionized POP displays. Retailers no longer need to choose from a limited selection of displays; they can design their own. This is a great choice if you want visual merchandising features to complement store design or stand out against competitors.

Injection molding for custom display cases offers a variety of benefits, from greater durability to reduced waste. They are also cost-effective, helping business owners save time and money while increasing sales.

#1 Enhanced Durability for a Worthy Investment

In the past, POP displays have included paper or cheap plastic. These materials work for a short time but weaken, bend, and break pretty easily. Custom injection molding yields more durable plastic POP displays. They will stay healthy in a store setting and may even last years with minimal maintenance requirements.

#2 Less Waste and More Recycling for Eco-Friendly Solutions

Injection molding is more eco-friendly than previous POP display options. The process also allows you to use recycled plastic injection molded parts.

#3 Variety of Materials and Colors for Customized Solutions

One of the most significant benefits of designing a custom mold for your POP display is the wide variety of available materials. There are several different resins, each offering its advantages. Based on what you plan to do with your custom POP display, you can choose a flexible or more rigid material or even prioritize features like chemical resistance.

Using plastic in injection molding customizations allows you to select your ideal display colors. Match the design of your store or business or correlate it to a specific product you will be advertising. You can also use the shape and color to draw customer attention more effectively.

#4 Efficient Processes With Near-Zero Waste Output

There is nearly no waste involved in the injection molding process. The molten materials go directly into the mold, and manufacturers can easily control how much they use. They can also melt and reuse any waste from extra parts or errors.

#5 Skipping Post-Processing Procedures Saves Time and Accelerates Delivery

Injection molding is an automated process that typically doesn’t require a post-processing procedure. As long as the manufacturer utilizes a well-crafted mold design, the POP display is ready for the retailer as soon as it hardens. As soon as the injection molding machines finish, the team ejects the display from the mold and packages it for shipment.

Key Features and Design Flexibility of Injection Molded POP Displays

Custom injection molding is unique in its flexibility. Instead of working for one or two types of POP displays, it can handle virtually all of them. From purchase and countertop displays to makeup display shelves, retailers can design and request whatever POP display they need. You can also request key features, intricate display designs, and company branding to give your custom injection-molded POP displays unique aspects.

While molded POP displays provide numerous benefits, the biggest downside is the upfront investment that customized injection molding requires. Ordering custom molding costs more than buying ready-made displays and takes some time to design. But the investment always pays off in the long run.

Save Time and Money with Injection Molded POP Displays

While they may cost slightly more upfront and take longer to produce than ready-made displays, the time and cost of production for custom molding are still competitive. Injection-molded POP displays also last longer, so you won’t need to purchase new ones as quickly as those bought off the rack. You can save time and money in the long run when you choose custom displays.

Quality Customization Pays For Itself

Injection molding customization for POP displays has undeniable benefits. It produces more durable and eco-friendly POP displays while limiting waste output and eliminating the post-processing need. Injection molding also allows retailers to pick their materials and colors to create an effective and personalized design.

If you’re a store owner looking to improve your visual merchandising and spice up your retail space, consider custom injection molded POP displays. They could help you draw customer attention to specific products and deals, and they’ll last for years.

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