Choosing the Right Product Display Manufacturer

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If you want to market your retail products and reach the largest possible audience, you need a dependable product display manufacturer firing on all cylinders. With numerous options available, finding the perfect fit and achieving the desired product display is sometimes difficult. 

Retail displays can make a strong impression on potential customers and increase brand awareness. If you have a vision for a custom retail display and need assistance bringing those dreams to life, a good product display manufacturer will do everything they can to satisfy you.

Learn the most important factors when choosing a manufacturer to create custom retail displays for your retail store. After reading, reach out to the team at Drive Display to discuss your display needs and see how we can help!

Understanding Your Display Needs

When your business has a product display vision to bring to life, you need the right manufacturer to produce an affordable, high-quality, stable, and visually appealing design. A good POP display manufacturer will listen to all your needs and show you, through their design process and capabilities, why they’re the best business to complete the job promptly.

Expertise and Experience

An experienced custom retail display manufacturer will have worked with many clients from brick-and-mortar stores across various industries. It’s beneficial if a prospective manufacturer has extensive experience with industries similar to yours. You can check out their gallery or portfolio and see what kind of work they’ve produced and if product sales increased with their displays. Their extensive experience creating POP displays for your target market is valuable.

Design and Innovation

Manufacturers understand how displays work in retail stores, grocery stores, department stores, and more. They can create eye-catching LED displays, deliver a brand’s message, and encourage customer purchase or interaction. Not only will an effective manufacturer utilize innovative techniques, but they also will curate a design you love, making changes as necessary.

From crisp graphics to precise color schemes and brand logo matching, how a company produces point-of-purchase displays matters. A display with a beautiful, durable, and visually appealing design will interest more potential customers and encourage them to buy the item.

Material Selection and Quality

Product display manufacturers should present several material options and help you find the perfect fit. Your product display should have a high-quality material that doesn’t damage during shipping, assembly, or moving around the building. Exploring multiple material options and asking your manufacturer to compare them is a great way to determine which will meet your needs.

Customization Options

Investing in custom retail displays means you’ll get everything you want from a display. Your product display manufacturer will provide color, style, shape, and design choices so you can customize your display down to the last detail. 

Technology and Techniques

Consider incorporating technology in your industrial product display, and today’s manufacturers can create some of the most impressive LED displays. With interactive screens, colorful LED lights, and other technological features, you will surely receive a unique display stand.

Using various design techniques and technologies helps high-quality displays influence potential customers. Many display stand manufacturers will add these appealing features for marketing purposes, whether they are pushing year-round or seasonal products.

Environmental Considerations

Some display manufacturers make a more conscious effort to create environmentally friendly displays. They might use materials that are easy to recycle and break down and could also incorporate their eco-friendly efforts into their prototype, shipping materials, and more. If you’re looking to work with a product or counter display manufacturer, consider the company’s attitudes and practices toward helping the environment.

Cost and Budget

Comparing prices between manufacturers is always a good idea. On one hand, you’re looking for a cost-effective product with the visual appeal, stability, and qualities you need. However, a cheaper manufacturer might not produce the best product, so consider all factors.


Shipping location (U.S.-manufactured vs. international manufacturer) can affect product cost. Your industrial product display’s size, shape, and materials can also impact the total amount you’ll spend on a custom retail display manufacturer’s services. You can obtain quotes from several manufacturers and look for competitive, value-based pricing.

Communication and Collaboration

A trustworthy counter display manufacturer will supply impeccable customer service to resolve any common issues. They should respond rapidly to shipping delays, assembly, tear-down concerns, or printing problems. Your custom manufacturer should ensure your satisfaction by maintaining constant availability and offering solutions for any concerns you have.

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