How To Increase Sales with Custom POP Displays

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A point-of-purchase display, or POP display, is an effective marketing tool that attracts customers to a particular brand or selection of products. Custom POP displays are strategically placed throughout a retail environment to elevate brand awareness and maximize sales.

The most effective POP displays go beyond the standard cardboard floor stand. From custom colors to unique lighting to a creative shape, there are multiple ways to customize your POP display to drive sales.

What Is POP Marketing?

POP marketing is any point-of-purchase (POP) or point-of-sale display that showcases a particular brand or product to drive sales. POP marketing also uses strategic messaging and promotional deals to advertise products that appeal to customers and incentivize them to buy.

Enhancing Brand Visibility and Customer Engagement with a Custom Product Display

The purpose of a custom retail display is to enhance your brand’s visibility and your customer’s experience with the brand. The more customers see and engage with your brand as they shop, the more your overall sales will increase. The colors, graphics, and dynamic messaging you use for your POP display can greatly affect whether customers will buy your product.

How to Maximize Sales Impact with Custom POP Displays

You can use custom displays in various creative ways, but the real question is, “How do I maximize my custom product display to increase sales?” It all comes down to the materials and style, strategic location, and personalization of your POP display and how to use it to your advantage.

Combine the Right Materials and Lighting

The materials you use for your POP display will say a lot about your brand. Think about the products you’re trying to sell.

  • Are you selling high-end or luxury products? A permanent, wooden floor stand display might be best for you.
  • Are you selling cosmetics? A plastic POP display with LED lights and mirrors would let shoppers interact and test certain makeup shades to find the right products for their skin type.
  • Need a temporary POP display near the checkout counter? Invest in reusable cardboard displays that you can switch out if necessary.

Bright lighting and the appropriate materials for retail POP displays highlight the products you want to sell and make them stand out from the rest of the store.

Organize Space, Categorize, and Educate

When creating your POP display, it’s important that it’s organized and resourceful, especially if it is a larger display. For example, say your retail display showcases cosmetics or paint samples. If the products aren’t organized or categorized according to color or sample, the shopper will become overwhelmed and walk away.

The more structured and categorized your POP display is, the more user-friendly it will be to customers.

Your POP displays should also be educational. The messaging needs to clearly state the brand’s name, a specific promotion or seasonal deal, the product’s uses and benefits, and whether or not shoppers can try it before they buy. The clarity of the messaging can make a huge difference in sales.

Optimize Placement Strategies

The location of your POP displays is equally important for increasing sales. Most retail settings use an optimized layout with what’s called the “predetermined path.” In order to increase traffic to your POP display, you should place the display strategically along the predetermined path so that it’s visible to the majority of shoppers walking through the store.

Another optimizable location for POP displays is along the checkout aisle. This is usually the best place for smaller, less expensive items that customers can browse and add to their cart before they check out. Customers are typically more willing to add small items to their carts as impulse purchases because they won’t significantly increase their total amount.

It’s also a matter of convenience. POP displays of gum, chapstick, cards, small gifts, candles, or mugs will most likely remind customers that they need one of those items.

Another good location strategy is placing POP displays near complementary products. For example, placing a POP display of baking utensils, cupcake liners, and toothpicks near the baking mix aisle will influence customers to add some baking necessities while they purchase cake and brownie mixes.

Personalize the Display

When customizing your purchase displays, your messaging and design should appeal to your target audience. Who is primarily purchasing your products? What is their age range? Are they primarily male or female?

Your POP display should be relatable and personal to your target demographic to capture their interest and lead to sales. Look closely at your audience demographics and design your POP displays to suit their preferences.

How Can a Custom Retail Display Assist with Up-Selling and Cross-Selling?

Up-selling is a sales method that gets customers to buy a higher-end version of a product that they already intend to buy. An up-selling POP display might advertise high-end products, add-ons, or upgrades. Your custom POP displays should communicate the benefits of your brand in comparison to other brands and why customers should purchase your products over competitors’ products.

Cross-selling is a different sales method that influences shoppers to buy items from your POP display that will complement products already in their cart. This goes back to location optimization for your POP displays. If you position a POP display near a similar or complementary product aisle, customers are more likely to buy from your brand.

Transform Your In-Store Marketing with Custom POP Displays

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