The Benefits of Using Custom POP Displays for Your Business

storefront custom gift card pop display

These days, shoppers instantly see ads and promotions for particular brands when they enter a store. However, for most pop-ups and advertisements, shoppers can easily just ignore them. Why? Because they don’t grab attention.

Point-of-purchase displays, or POP displays, are the most effective way to capture shoppers’ interest and drive sales for your brand.

A custom POP display turns browsers into buyers! Learning how to place customized point-of-purchase displays strategically throughout the retail store can help you increase traffic and capture attention, increasing sales.

What Are Retail Point-of-Purchase Displays?

Point-of-purchase (or POP) displays are physical, enticing displays set up strategically throughout a store near where the customer is about to make a purchase.

POP displays usually contain a particular product that is on sale or offers a promotion. These POP displays are eye-catching and encourage customers to buy the advertised products along their journey through the store or at the last minute before check-out. Since customers see them right at the point of purchase, they are called point-of-purchase displays.

Customizing your POP displays allows you to creatively design how you want to sell your product. Custom POP displays are visually enticing and enhance your customers’ experience as they walk through your store. Certain colors, images, and even touchscreen options can make a huge difference for your shoppers and increase overall sales.

However, one of the best ways to catch customers’ attention is by setting up POP displays with deals, discounts, and promotions.

Types of POP Displays

You can choose from several types of creative displays that last anywhere from a few weeks to a few years. Most POP displays are simple cardboard constructions that are easy to assemble and disassemble. You can choose from an assortment of bright colors for your display so that it’s more visually pleasing to your customers.


A permanent POP display is usually placed at the front of the store for shoppers to see when they enter or at the check-out counter. Permanent POP displays stay in your store for several years and most likely offer the same products. These long-term displays advertise any products you want to promote, like sunglasses, different types of gum, and small kids’ toys.


Temporary displays usually last in-store for a few months. A temporary custom display often promotes limited-time deals or seasonal products. For example, you could include a temporary Christmas POP display that promotes small ornaments or stocking stuffers to encourage last-minute Christmas shoppers. You could also place a short-term display for a brand of chips at the end of the snack aisle to let customers know there is a promotion on that particular brand.

Benefits of Using POP Displays

So, why should you invest in POP displays for your business? Here are the top benefits:


POP custom displays are an affordable and efficient strategy for your marketing plan. If you just look at the return on investment, a POP display study showed that for every $1 brands spent on POP displays, they reaped a $4.99 return on investment in incremental sales — that’s almost a 500% ROI!

The majority of POP displays are cardboard, which is a very cost-effective and sustainable material. Cardboard purchase displays are easily customizable, stand out to customers, and are versatile and recyclable. You can use them for years, take the opportunity to be creative, and save your marketing department hundreds of dollars by reusing and redecorating them.


Customizing your POP display with unique graphic design puts your display ahead of the rest. The goal for your custom POP display is for your brand to stand out. What makes you unique? What can you strategically offer to shoppers that other brands cannot?

For temporary POP displays, if you want to change the design, test different products for the display, or re-design the logo, you can add those changes to your retail display. However you decide to customize your POP display, the important thing is that it reflects your branding and elevates the customers’ experience.

Catches Shoppers’ Attention

POP displays are so successful because they stand out to shoppers from the rest of the retail environment. They are literally meant to pop (pun intended). POP displays align with the customers’ shopping behaviors and convince them that they need whatever product you are selling. You want to use specific wording and visuals that your customers will actively respond to.

One of the best ways to visually capture shoppers’ attention is with bold, bright colors and large retail POP displays. If your display matches the colors and environment of the store, shoppers aren’t going to notice the product. If you’re promoting a sale or discount, using the words “free” and “buy one get one” or “50% OFF” is going to stand out and drive more sales.

Attracts Impulse Buyers

Shoppers make most of their purchasing decisions once they’re in the store. Many shoppers are susceptible to impulse buying. This is where most of your sales will come from. Putting emphasis on the value of your products in the POP display or promoting a limited-time deal lets shoppers know that they need to buy immediately to get the best price.

Increases Sales

The bottom line is that creative POP displays increase sales in retail settings. POP displays place your brand front and center and incentivize your customers to buy. In one study, permanent POP displays increased sales by 19%, and temporary POP displays increased sales by 23.8%

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